COMAC Announces Huarui as the Primary Supplier for CR929 Mid-Fuselage


On March 11, 2021, the CR929 Aircraft Fuselage and Empennage Structure JDP Kick-off Conference was held in the Design and Research Center of COMAC.

At the meeting, He Dongfeng, Chairman of COMAC, issued a Letter of Primary Selected Supplier to Huarui and other selected suppliers. Xie Ping, Chairman of Huarui, received the Letter on behalf of the company.

Chairman of COMAC He Dongfeng (middle), Chairman of Huarui Xie Ping (third from the left)

CEO Kailash delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He introduced the main progress achieved by the company and expressed gratitude and thanks to the governments at all levels in Zhejiang Province for their strong support, and the trust of COMAC. “With the strong technical leadership in the field of aviation manufacturing from Spirit Aerosystems and the strong support of all levels of government in Zhejiang Province, Huarui will strive to become the most faithful and reliable supplier of the CR929 project, the most tacit and excellent partner of COMAC, and contribute to the ‘Three Ones’ goal of COMAC” Kailash stated.

CEO Kailash Krishnaswamy

Guo Bozhi, Vice President of COMAC, stated that the successful launch of the CR929 Aircraft Fuselage and Empennage Structure JDP Kick-Off Conference was of great significance to the project. It is expected that the selected suppliers will fully integrate, work together in the following joint work to cooperatively create a more satisfying long-range wide-body aircraft for customers.

Vice President of COMAC Guo BoZhi (middle), Chairman of Huarui Xie Ping (right), Huarui CEO Kailash (left) 

The announcement marks Huarui becoming a primary selected supplier of COMAC CR929 mid-fuselage, and it is also an inspiration to Huarui team's effort over the past three years. Huarui will continue to make progress on the project and maintain close communication with COMAC to keep up with the development of the CR929 project, contribute to the construction of Zhejiang Province’s Wan Mu Qian Yi Platform, and to the development of China’s large aircraft.

Huarui Chairman Xie Ping, CEO Kailash Krishnaswamy, CAO Liu Qiang, Board Secretary Wang Zhangjun and other key project related personnel attended the meeting.

Chairman of COMAC He Dongfeng (fourth from the left), Chairman Xie Ping (third from the left) with other representatives of Huarui